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It is not an awesome mystery that, throughout the years, Wikipedia has seen numerous brilliant snapshots of fun. Likewise no awesome mystery is that Wikipedia has seen many types of vandalism. Periodically, an alter falls into both classifications: it is vandalism, waiting be returned, however it is likewise inventive, and some Wikipedians think that its engaging. For a long time, the bits of vandalism and additionally fun that struck individuals' favor were kept here on a page called "Terrible Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense", or "BJAODN". Truth be told, it was one of the most seasoned pages on Wikipedia, having been made some time before January 26, 2001. Here is the first clarification of the page:  bad jokes

Be that as it may, in 2007, accord (kind of) moved against keeping most BJAODN on Wikipedia (see Wikipedia talk:Silly Things), and it came to be seen by many as empowering vandalism. Things are no longer added to this gathering of pages on Wikipedia itself (aside from on uncommon events), however have been moved to another site, and just a couple highlights are kept up underneath. (It would be ideal if you go to an outer wiki to add to BJAODN. Much thanks.) For each one of the individuals who thought BJAODN was some kind of outsider mating call, please read Wikipedia talk:Silly Things 

Privateers are known for saying "Arrrr." But it is truly the Sea (C) they adore. 

Obviously they cherish the ocean (articulated the same as C ), the sea. It's the place they cruise their boats: upon the sea. 

This joke plays with the customary response to this joke (R or arrgh) and includes another thought. 

Here are some singing privateers for children… 

Dissimilar to terrible jokes and other erased drivel, in any case, some of these article names were made for good reasons, on genuine subjects that the journalists thought may be helpful for Wikipedia. That doesn't generally imply that – outside of any relevant connection to the issue at hand – the title will be any the less silly sounding. Corny Jokes

On the off chance that you discover an article with a peculiar title up for erasure at WP:AFD, consider this page. On the off chance that you do add it to the rundown, just place it in its right in sequential order put. Kindly don't interface it – it'll just energize them. With any fortunes it ought to be a redlink in any case, albeit maybe a couple of those recorded now go about as sidetracks to more sensible titles. 

As to this current page's title, think of it as a mellow expansion to the gathering of "freaky" titles – the genuine explanation behind it was simply with the goal that it shortens to DAFT. Befuddling titles, strange titles, and dreamlike titles – all are similarly reasonable amusement.

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